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Elsa Holland brings to the pages of her work The Russian Betrothal tempestuous emotions and an irresistible love story.

Demetri and Georgie’s attraction was risque and flirty but beyond that Ms. Holland’s portrayal of these characters was just as appealing for their impassioned and astute discourse. In a web of perceptions contrary to actual circumstances this couple had a lot to work through and overcome. Georgie was a fabulous heroine who tested her boundaries yet managed to keep to her society’s rigid expectations for women. Demetri’s sensitivity was masked as a prominent alpha yet his attraction and ultimately his love of Georgie allowed him to explore his softer side. In a well-orchestrated opposition between traditional and nontraditional this relationship sparked throughout this story with a constant underlying simmer that was true to this author’s seductive writing skills.

The Russian Betrothal continues to show the wide scope of this author’s talent revealing yet another side of Elsa’s Holland’s writing for a great read!

Believe in Love 5 Stars
“The Russian Betrothal” by Elsa Holland is a must read. I was given an advance copy and I am never disappointed in her work. My heart was breaking at times, and I cried with Georgie. She makes you feel the moments. We should all be lucky enough to have a Demetri. One quote sums up this book, ” she was the other side of my soul”.
Mesmerizing in Love 5 Stars
Mesmerizing from the very beginning, I was captivated! However, when Georgie grabbed a Whiskey Neat I was well beyond captivated…I was awestruck. I have read all of Ms. Holland’s books and have never once felt let down but with each book, I have found myself raised to an all-new magical level by her sensuous writing and the lovely characters she brings to life. Georgie was a spitfire who lived her life on her terms. It was delightful to watch her grow into her own sensuous woman. Demetri was an enchanting man of utter deliciousness from the first time he locked eyes with Georgie. He may have been abrasive at times but that was due to extenuating circumstances beyond his control however I always knew he held great affection for Georgie. You won’t be sorry if you give this book a try.

A Russian Betrothal

Fourteen years ago, the childhood betrothal of Miss Georgina Franklin to Prince Vladimir Demetri Petroski caused a fluster in parlors across London. Fourteen years later, the Petroski brothers arrived in London setting it alight with their breathtaking presence, bone melting accents and heart fluttering masculinity. Naturally, eligible women were all interested in their availability. And yet the Prince’s betrothed, Miss Georgina Franklin, was yet to receive a visit.