Edith and the Forensic Surgeon



The Painted Sisters Series Book 1


Miss Edith Appleby is a Painted Sister fleeing for her life from a man who no longer wants her alive and a killer cultivated to do the job. It is a dark, macabre and gothic world as Edith finds a position with an Edinburgh Surgeon known as the Butcher. There she intends to locate his medical degree gained at a University known to train and issue medical degrees to both men and women, have the document forged and flee deep into Africa’s Congo with the Missionaries. It’s just she never thought the Butcher would be the tempting alluring man he was, had imagined a man steeped in formaldehyde not a man who woke a sensual longing she never expected to feel.

Never had a woman climbed under his skin and burrowed so deep into his marrow as his new staff member Miss Edith Appleby. There was only so much death, so much suffering a man can see before losing himself into bleakness and despair, and she, she somehow carried a light that made the darkness creeping into his soul bearable. It had been a long time since he thought he could trust someone, since he let anyone close, maybe it was time to take a chance.

One of Edith’s friends, a fellow Painted Sister is brutally murdered. Inspector Morrison and his newly acquired assistant Master Brody are assigned to the case, neither of them are surprised at the mode of killing both know it’s the birth of a serial killer. The fact is, this killer is just getting started but moreover, bigger powers are at play behind the scenes; men of power with networks in every branch of public office, political sect and family tree; men who may be impossible to find and impossible to stop.


Here is a Pinterest board that reflects some of the ideas and mood as I was writing.

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