PIRATES OF PLEASURE is a duet of two deliciously steamy erotic romances. Set in 1898, its a world of the sea and powerful men. A world of another time…not part of the modernism and industrialization grabbing hold of England, Europe and North America. Its a world where stand and deliver still commands absolute obedience, where men take exactly what and who they want, and where men enjoy all the bounty they have the strength to keep …. especially below deck.

Start the journey with Captain Jax in Book 1: HIS BOUNTY &  finish the story with Moriata in Book 2: HIS CAPTIVE


Captain Jax is asked by his long standing mate, Moriata, a pirate of Portuguese-Japanese descent based in Japan, to collect a package for him and bring ‘her’ back no questions asked. The payment is her weight in gold, a fortune and easy money as Jax can fill his hull with plunder on the trip and get paid for that too.

The story starts with her delivery to Jax’s ship, the Black Princess, by a bounty hunter who found her in the Lake District in England. Captain Jax is to take her back to Moriata in Japan but from the moment he sets eyes on her he knows she’s trouble…trouble, trouble, trouble. The truth to that is apparent as within moments, she finds a way to jump over the rail of his ship and into the Thames …and almost drowns…if he hadn’t saved her.

As they travel through the trade route from London, Calais, Istanbul, Paris, Jataka and finally Yokohama, Jax has got to decide if a pirate’s word is more important to his mate or the woman who steals his heart.



Moriata is none to pleased with his mate Jax, not pleased at all. There was the matter of his loss of face and there was the matter of revenge. Mori knows a weakness that will bring Captain Jax back and ready to make amends, make him think twice about using strategic ploys on him again. Moriata captures the closest thing that Jax has to a sister and does the very things no man wants another man to do to his sister, regardless of whether she’ll enjoy it or not.

And when the day of reckoning with Jax comes, will Moriata be giving back the very thing that he wants the most to keep?