Snippet: The Bound Heart

Sensual Snippet

This is in the beginning of THE BOUND HEART….

He stepped closer between her thighs. Her skirt riding up her legs. Her white pantaloons, seemed overly bright exposed between them.

His fingers traced the small foxes, rabbits and birds she’d embroidered on the soft cotton. His mouth lifted at the corner before he leaned closer.

Heaven help her, the heat of his body radiated up over her chest to her breasts. Her head tilted, her lips an offering begging him to accept.

“Did you use the threads I gave you for these?”

Her hands lifted and pressed softly against his chest.

“Yes.” She whispered it between them.

Yet he waited.

For what, she didn’t know.

A crease formed between his brows.

He leaned closer. Gazed at her lips.

Olive followed every change, every small movement he made, every shift of his muscles, his breath, even the change in the shape of his lips.

Her pulse beat at her clavicle. It thumped through her. Hungry beats as she moved forward.

Then he was at her mouth.

“The Japanese say, beware a beautiful woman, she may be a fox goddess in disguise. An Inari Okami.”

His breath flowed over her lips.

“I could be the rabbit.” Her breath shuddered out in return, a kiss of sorts as the air ran over their lips.

“Oh, no… you’re definitely an Inari Okami.”

Olive curled her fingers in his waistcoat and his mouth touched over hers.



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