Weekend Writing Warriors #8Sunday



The Weekend Writing Warriors share 8 sentences over the weekend. Here are mine from the start of  Lily & the Mechanic


London 1898

The sun had long gone down and the fog was lifting off the city like a reluctant and indifferent lover. Her black lace veil and the tight, corseted fixtures of fashion ensured that Lady Miriam Rothbury was well concealed as the door opened to the well-known Bond Street bookshop.

A bell ran discordant and a rather squat, balding shop-keeper hurried forward.
“Oh dear, dear me, I regret to say we are closed, is your carriage still here?” he peered hopefully outside.
“But you’re not closed now are you or I would not be inside.”

She lifted her reticule, the click of the clasp opening flared his interest. Interest which blossomed into full receptiveness as she flashed the neatly folded pound notes tucked within the pink folds.
In less than a few moments of whispered exchange she stepped through the opening of a pivoting book case and down the dimly lit, heavily worn stairs to the illicit basement shop beneath.

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© Elsa Holland

Image © Dascha Friedlová