Random Musings

Waking up this morning in Australia it’s the first day of Spring. We had our first asparagus shoots a day ago, first we have grown, I got so excited.

Things do climb out of the dark and head  into the light. The growth always starts before you can see it out in the open. I think we often forget that the impetus happens under the surface first, not when it is seen on the outside. Like a child is conceived and grown then born later it’s the same thing with ideas and changes that have come into their time.

Not every year I have a spring birth but this year I find I have. I launched my blog and writers platform a few weeks ago in preparation for publishing early next year. It never occurred to me the timing of it until now.

I am something of a symbolist by nature so for me this timing, being in line with the natural flow, is auspicious. Don’t get me wrong, that’s not about writing a best selling novel but rather the fact that it’s the right time for me to take my creativity to the next step. To come out of the dark and share that part of myself with the world. Where it goes and what happens is just part of the journey, the rightness is in the stepping forward.

I wonder if you are feeling that now too if you are in the southern hemisphere? That quickening…. If you have found something that has birthed, come out of the dark?

I am looking forward to seeing how it all grows as I gain my feet. Crawling, walking running have their own challenges.