Weekend Writing Warriors #8sentences



The Weekend Writing Warriors share either 8 sentences over the weekend. Here are mine from the start of a historical novella set in Victorian London called Lily & the Mechanic.    

In the last few snippets, Lily entered the Bond Street Bookshop and its illicit sexshop underneath. She has bought their full supply of sheaths while our hero, the ‘mechanic’ was looking through them to make a purchase. He then tries to get her to sell him just one.


London 1898


“No” she croaked defiantly while her defenses crumbled around her.

His face lost its smile “be reasonable madam, one is all I need.”

His hand reached out to the box still on the counter and the attendant, god bless her, slapped it away.

“No” her voice was clearer and projected assuredly even as her limbs were dizzy. One second after another gave her the time to collect her composure.

He looked at her, looked as if he could see right into her, as if he could see past the veil which guarded her from sight and see what was deep on the inside. But no one would see that. Ever.


© Elsa Holland

Image © Dascha Friedlova

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