Weekend Writing Warriors #8sentences



The Weekend Writing Warriors share either 8 sentences over the weekend. Here are mine from the start of a historical novella set in Victorian London called Lily & the Mechanic.    

Lily thinks our hero is actually a mechanic because he fixed the wheel of her carriage at their first meeting  few nights earlier but he is in fact a  man of her station, who knew her late husband very well.


London 1898


“Don’t buy me another veil, they’re too expensive.”

He stopped, she’d liked the veil he knew she did, after a few steps she stopped as well. Then she walked back and laid her hand in its butter soft glove against his cheek.

“Well I don’t expect you make much as a mechanic, don’t waste it on expensive lace for me. There is nothing here, nothing between us you can rely on.” She looked sincerely into his eyes as she spoke.

Her words rubbed-out what they’d just experienced as nothing; that pricked, there was no denying that. But this was just the start, he had the advantage of knowing the wounds he would find. And more importantly, he had found a weakness, passion.


© Elsa Holland

Image ©  Dascha Freidlovà

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