Random Musings

I shared something of this amazing book a couple of weeks back and here is some more for all the Nanorimo’s out there writing at the moment. I have just given key elements from a few paragraphs.

During movement into the imaginal, you experience a change in medium ….

The world that you are looking at is no longer a world of form but has instead become a living story filled with the mythic. At first what you are seeing is just a thicket of forms, symbols…slowly decoded, one at a time. But as you move more deeply into the analogical thinking, those textural forms soften, become transparent liquid, first viscous and sluggish, like a jelly of meaning, then ever thinner and more mobile, flowing faster and faster until, suddenly, you shift, and they are alive as you are alive, their interactive, communicatory expressions flowing towards you at the speed of thinking, until you can’t entirely distinguish the communications they are making from your own thoughts, so quickly do they move inside and become integrated by you.

In that moment the dreamer, that deep part of unconscious, becomes conscious…….. This is the place that Rilke often wrote of, and Baudelaire, and Goethe, and Corbin….

Once we enter this place, we begin to think not just analogically, but mythically. We immerse ourselves in the myth pool that Stephen King speaks of, the dark waters of duende cover us, black sounds reverberate, and imagination itself becomes a form of perception , of cognition, of understanding.

In this heightened state of perception you directly perceive, through both your feeling and visual sensing, the living mythic world that underlies the world of form…..

 It is a place to which some part of us belongs, for we ourselves, come from an archetype that has expressed itself in multiple forms over long evolutionary  time…. When we reenter the imaginal world, we touch that archetype one again….

And when you are in that state of perception certain things, of their own accord, present themselves for your gaze. There is some living thread which connects them all to the mythic your book is becoming.