Random Musings

We’re 75% water. But I think we treat ourselves as if we were solid because it looks like and feels like we are solid. No doubt the cultural idea that we come from the earth and return to the earth contributes to this sense as well.

But we aren’t really solid at all…. we are fluid and space.

We are full of water and we have all these cavities like lungs and digestive system, stomach ….. they act like drums when we are around strong sounds too. Vibrating the sound around us deeper and further into the body.

Here is a video of the effect of sound on fluids and other things like fire and sand. Watch it and imagine what listening to your favorite music must do to you given that you are actually mainly fluid. Remember how amazing listening to great music feels. How loud concerts can snatch you up in their sound and really move through your whole being. Match that with the visuals in the video…it makes you think a little differently about your body and why music is so fundamental to us and how we enjoy it.

Cymatics is the visible effect of sound on things.

Thank you to Dafni Ma a freelance Writer I’m connected to on FB friends for introducing this to me on her timeline.

Images Olivier Valsecchi Opiom Gallery