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Weekend Writing Warriors #8sunday

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The Weekend Writing Warriors share  8 sentences over the weekend. Here are mine from the start of a historical novel set in Victorian London called THE VEILED HEART .

Miriam ( nick named Lily by our hero) has come back from a night trying to educate prostitutes to use sheaths.


London 1898

The night had not gone well.

Two demonstrations in reputable brothels, The Abbess and The Moaning Whore; both poorly attended and with very little uptake of the sheaths she was handing out. It was easy to understand that the women worried their clients wouldn’t want to use them but their lack of self-preservation was hard to appreciate.

In front of her the over-sized iron gate was painted a forest green with metalwork  laced into shapes that looked like hearts to her besotted mind. Miriam balanced the box of remaining sheaths on a bent knee, tucked her purse under her arm and reached into her pocket for the gate’s key. On either side of her ivy spilled over the top of the wall and down the front in long clasping fingers. Grasping at thin air like her with these nightly endeavors.

And then there was the fact that he had not turned up; that was really the thing that made the ache in her chest so heavy.


© Elsa Holland

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#mysexysaturday; #sexysnippet

6 thoughts on “Snippet: THE VEILED HEART

  1. So THAT’s what she’s doing with them! :-)I love how she sees hearts in the gate’s ironwork- poor thing!


  2. Daisy Banks says:

    Oh poor Lily. I love that cover.


    1. Elsa Holland says:

      Thx Daisy. It was designed by Hang Le she is so amazing!!! She does great memes if you are interested for your books 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I ove the juxtaposition of intent, and the atmosphere. Wonderful. I’ll look up Hang Le, thank you. 🙂


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