Contraire – Fotografie

There are so many magical photographers working at the moment. I have already shared Uldus and Margo Kareva and their fairy tale images.

Here is German photographer of Contraire – Fotografie and below  a wonderful gallery of her work. You can see a full selection here.

DSC_8064_KL There is an otherworldliness in her images as well as something modern. Like it has a foot in the clean modern imagery of contemporary beauty as well as the archetypal images of myth and fairy-tale.

We are so in need of imagery that brings to life this symbolism. We need imagery that brings the magical and the special into view. That take an environment or a person and create out of that an eternal moment by using it to express the archetypal. Seeing the ordinary and within it recognising the extra ordinary is an act of love between you and that which surrounds you.

I find imagery like this  a visual signpost of the worlds I imagine to write. Not always as they appear so magically here but how they express the inner nature of character and circumstance, that part in all of us that is connected to these ever playing stories and symbols.


She writes of her work:

In meinen Bildern geht es um Geschichten, um Momente, Gefühle, eine Aussage.
Mal verspielt, mal melancholisch, mal verträumt, mal traurig. Dabei versuche ich immer, das Besondere einzufangen, ob es in der Location, dem Model oder wie so oft im Verschmelzen von Mensch und Ort zu finden ist.
All das, um den Betrachter zu bewegen, ihn zum Nachdenken zu bringen oder ihm ein Staunen zu entlocken.
Oft ist dabei der Weg das Ziel und dieser Weg spiegelt sich in all meinen Bildern wieder.

Loosely translated: In my pictures it comes to stories, moments, feelings, a statement. Times playful, even melancholic, even dreamy, sometimes sad. While I always try to capture the Special, whether it found is in the location, the model or as so often in the merging of man and place. All this in order to move the Viewer, to bring him to think, or to elicit from him a wonder. Often the way is the goal and this is reflected in all my pictures.

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Telefon: 0160-97053655