Weekend Writing Warriors #8sentences

The Weekend Writing Warriors share  8 sentences over the weekend. Here are mine from the start of a historical novella set in Victorian London called Lily & the Mechanic.    

Lily’s real name is Miriam. The Mechanic calls her Lily because she smelled of Lily of the Valley the first night they met. This snippet is just before the climax of the story where the Mechanic’s identity is revealed. It aims to show that’s she’s a different woman from their encounters and that who she is with him is who she wants to be ….. right before it all gets taken away.


London 1898

“Stop fidgeting Miriam.”

She didn’t feel like a Miriam any more, she felt like Lily. When she was Lily that dark weight that she carried as Miriam, the one that felt embedded into her, was somehow lifted.

“I am thinking of using my middle name.”

Aunt D. pulled a face, “Winifred is not a name you take by choice dear, Miriam will do fine.”

No, it wouldn’t.

“I want to be called Lily.” A flutter ran through her at that; the more she thought about it the more she wanted it, the more she wanted to be Lily all the time.


© Elsa Holland

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