Pirates of Pleasure Snippet

Snippet from the start of His Bounty, Book 1 of Pirates of Pleasure


Each button took far too long.

The crew around them shuffled closer.

A peak of flesh at her neck, the shell of an ear, something…a marking of some kind. Patterns that could well be a further layer of fabric covering her.

She hesitated a moment, then swiftly pulled the fabric mask up revealing her face and a head of ink black hair about half an inch long.

The breath caught in his throat as lust punched through him, his heart raced, and his body tightened to move into action.

“Hold firm.” Jax barked out the order.

Oaths were sworn, mutterings, a barked nervous laugh, a low long whistle.

“No one move!” He growled, throat suddenly dry. He may have just made a big mistake, but there was no going back now they had all seen her face.