A woman who has never known desire …..And the man who has always wanted her…

After a cold and cruel Victorian marriage, Lady Miriam Rothbury is determined to turn her mind to good works with London’s fallen women. But when a fleeting brush with a handsome stranger at the scandalous Velvet Basement and a broken carriage combine, they create an invitation to sin. Surrendering once to a tempting rogue could be forgiven, but what happens when this dangerous game promises to extend beyond one unforgettable encounter to a passion that threatens the very foundation of her world?

At first, Max, Lord Maxwell Worthington, is amused that this lovely visitor to the decadent Velvet Basement mistakes him for a lowly mechanic. And when the veiled beauty welcomes his help and then invites his caresses, he’s delighted to explore the attraction sparking between them. But the flammable seduction turns world-shaking when the veil lifts and he discovers the irresistible woman who has always haunted his dreams. Is this his chance to transform those searing desires into breathtaking reality? Or will revealing his true identity push Miriam far out of reach forever?

Passion can only go so far to pave the way for love, after that, the heart

must navigate through the shadows alone.







“Elsa’s writing is so lush, it sweeps me away to another time and place…” ~ NY Times & USA Today Best Seller Kylie Scott, Stage Dive series 

“This story is very unlike anything else on the market at the moment! Yes, it’s certainly erotic, and yes, it’s a historical romance…but it’s so much more than either of those things!” ~ Hopelessly Devoted 2 Books 
“Powerful feelings come to play in Elsa Holland’s beautifully written novel The Veiled Heart, part of her Velvet Basement series. Characters who are physically attractive but soul tarnished rise to overcome their past in this sensual and moving tale…..” Jenerated Reviews 

“Put aside what you think you know about Victorian England era novels and GET this book NOW! This book grabbed me from the beginning and never let me go! I was enthralled and loved it!” ~ Jennifer G. review

“From the very first chapter, it was apparent what a fantastic writer Elsa Holland is! As I listened to the words being read aloud on my Kindle Fire, The Veiled Heart: The Velvet Basement sounded like a classical chorus of finely tuned instruments being played! I was mesmerized by the breathtakingly beautiful, romantic story, poetic from start to finish!” ~ review

“I devoured this book.” ~ review

“Intensely passionate. Beautifully written.” review

“A wonderful romance.”~ review

“Beautiful cover and beautiful writing. Elsa Holland invents the most unusual and intriguing story lines and throws her characters in the deep end right from the get-go. Plenty of romance, chivalry and strong characters.” ~ review

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