The Four Chambers of the Heart – Part 3.

But getting back to you.
I sometimes think you deserved a simpler, happier soul than me.
People who have broken so many of their hearts
Have such a different kind of love to give.
It is often more compassionate I’ll give you that
But it is also much more ruthless.
I mean,
You can’t stalk your own heart and not bring that habit along with you.

I knew when I fell from the sky that I landed in your heart.
There would be no natural justice if I hadn’t.
It has taken time to understand it was your fourth heart too.
The last chamber.
The place where the warriors dance with their own soul more than together.
Keeping each other company as we walk that tight rope
Between sharing a life or walking deep into the forest.

A couple of heart veterans.
I think we sensed it from day one.

People don’t get that about us.

© E Holland

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