Escher Creating the “Snakes” Woodcut

This is worth a watch, only about 2 minutes long and shows the stages that Escher went through to create “Snakes”.  My experience of his work tends to be contemplative. He is very successful at getting us to look at something differently. When art does that to you, you take that shift in perception back into your life and the world around you, often this will make you view it slightly different than before. It’s so easy to think you know yourself and how your world is and have that create a stasis or stagnation in your excitement about being alive and living. I think collectively these shifts in perception, as we engage in art, music, literature, science, nature, etc., they  create a dynamic and impetus that keep us fresh and interested in the world and our experience of living in it.




There is also a short film of about 8 minutes. It is structured around an interview with him and is subtitled as the interview is in Dutch.