Elsa Holland

Historical Romance Writer: LUSH SENSUAL READS

A photograph is not created by a photographer. What they do(es) is just to open a little window and capture it. The world then writes itself on the film. The act of the photographer is closer to reading than it is to writing. They are the readers of the world. ”



I love shadows. I came to really appreciate them living in Japan where light and shadow was a strong part of their aesthetic. This small series of lace shadows I find very beautiful and remind me of Lily’s veils in Lily and the Mechanic. The mood a bit as well. My mind always wanders when I see something that attracts me. This imprinting of shadow… something that’s there and not there reminds me of memories. They can fall over you like shadows as the day passes.

You can find him here:



2 thoughts on “Ferdinando Scianna & Random Musings

  1. milliethom says:

    I really love the quote, and the light and shadow photos are quite amazing, They’re brilliantly done.


    1. Elsa Holland says:

      Yes I thought they were beautiful, lace veils of light.

      Liked by 1 person

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