Random Musings

So come on love draw your sword and shoot me to the ground

You are mine and I am yours let’s not fuck around.

Because you are

the only one.


Angus and Julia Stone  – Draw Your Swords – another great mood song. I’ve been known to put this on repeat when I write.

One of the things about many ballad lyrics and prose too, is that you don’t usually tackle them analytically to get meaning. They roll into you and you feel the meaning. Music adds to that conveyance in a big way.

I added Freda in here too. There’s something about the intensity of her and the brutal yet beautiful abandonment in the lyrics that go together. Like she’s daring you to slay her she loves you that much.

I think I’ve been very brutal to the ones I’ve loved the most in my life. Myself included. I’ve wondered about that intensity and ruthlessness, where it comes from and why we are driven to it. Probably explains some of the artists I like!