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#MySexySaturday 29th November &  #SexySnippets 30th November 2014

Every weekend, a group of us sign up at My Sexy Saturday and some of us at The Nuthouse Scribblers blog and post a sexy snippet: 7 sentences from a work in progress. Here’s mine for the week from  The Bound Heart. Probably the darkest of the stories in the series.

It’s a historical novella set in London 1898.

The meeting between Olive and the bookbinder when he decides to break his long held restraint and have a taste.


His lungs pulled the air in, filling them as if that act of survival could permeate him with the control to look at her and not lust like a wolf. But as his gaze lifted and took the sight of her in, he knew that was an impossibility.

She stood near the door waiting to be invited into the room, perfect manners, always deferential. Above them the sun came through two sky lights, one on either side of the attic-workshop’s pitched roof. It was late afternoon; this time of day the space was washed with amber and burnished hues, it set her alight as she stood in its rays; dust motes floating around her like particles of gold framing the blazing yet ordinary beauty of her.

At his neck the rapid staccato of his pulse confirmed what he already knew, he was a wolf. And like a salivating canine his eyes licked her up.

© Elsa Holland

Link to NuthouseScribblers: http://thenuthousescribblers.blogspot.com.au/p/sexy-snippets.html 

Link to My Sexy Saturday: www.mysexysaturday.blogspot.com

2 thoughts on “#MySexySaturday & #SexySnippets

  1. Jamie makes me howl…..makes me want a red riding coat…..makes me love rope ❤


  2. The whole piece is drenched with melancholic beauty but the lines about her ordinary beauty and the wolf slay me. Poetic and skilled writing as always ❤


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