Weekend Writing Warriors #8sunday

#MySexySaturday 27th December &  #SexySnippets 28th December 2014

Every weekend, a group of us sign up at My Sexy Saturday and some of us at The Nuthouse Scribblers blog and post a sexy snippet: 7 sentences from a work in progress. The Weekend Writing Warriors  share  8 sentences over the weekend.

Here are mine from the start of a historical novella set in Victorian London called THE VEILED HEART.    


The mechanic, is fixing Lily’s carriage after their bargain…


London 1898

The cabbie swore and they both bent down to look for the missing wheel-pin.

As they searched the carriage moved, a few small dips of the cabin.

There was no reason for her to me moving around except one, his request.

She was removing her underwear.

The image of that shot down through the center of his body and curled low and deep in a hot squeeze.

Each small bounce and tilt of the cabin touched him more intimately than the bawdiest of approaches.

He just had to avoid thinking and not listen to the barrage of extremely wise and responsible reasons he should tell her ‘no’; because looking at the compartment make it’s small  motions and imagining what she was doing, there was nothing this side of hell that would stop him stepping back in that carriage… no matter what the consequences.


© Elsa Holland

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