Sara Moon Photography

Just have to share this photographer, Sarah Moon.

She started her career as a model and then moved behind the camera and did fashion shoots and now art shots.

The elements which attracted me were the moodiness of the images, the finish of some of them making them aged and with a grunge feel and the way each image has a story to tell, a moment in a greater unfolding. Even the posed shots feel like a moment in time, a moment of stillness in an event that’s unfolding out of the picture frame and before and after the shot. As a writer that excites me. That get’s my story brain working and wandering.

This analogical dialog through images, feelings, shape and colour is a language that feeds the spirit. I believe we all need to find elements in our life where we give space to analogical discourse between us as individuals, and the world and people around us. It adds to the rational and digital elements of day to day life. The patterns of actions we undertake, the tasks we perform in our jobs and in family and friend units. Our relationship with beauty is analogical. Our relationship with nature is analogical,  music, art, story, poetry, they all reach out and speak to us in that undefined language.

Sara Moons photography shows that communication beautifully I think.