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The Weekend Writing Warriors share  8 sentences over the weekend. Here are mine from the start of a historical novel set in Victorian London called THE VEILED HEART ( formally Lily & the Mechanic).    

Lily and the Mechanic have just escaped a mugging in Whitechapel,  they are resting under eaves out of the rain.


London 1898

“Your veil is torn,” he reached up and felt for the pins tucked into her hat and hair.

Her fingers wrapped around his wrist as he worked as if to stop him.

“I know what you look like Lily, beside there’s nothing left of it to keep it on.”

He stretched out his thumb and let it run over her lips through the space to demonstrate his point.

She huffed, sending a wave of warm heat over his fingers but didn’t stop him.

“I liked that veil,” her eyes flickered up to him wide and open, a little reserved as the veil came off.

It felt like something cracked in his chest as he looked at her. Under his fingers she was as soft as satin, glowing in this damp grimy night like an ivory bloom in a mass of shadows.




© Elsa Holland

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