Elsa Holland

Historical Romance Writer: LUSH SENSUAL READS

It’s an alchemy.
It happens without intent.
And quite frankly,
It can’t leave through intent either.
What is it in us that reaches out and wraps around the soul of another?
I’m not sure.
But what I do know is that it is as strong and fundamental a part of us as those I’m sure of.
Maybe even more so…

And ….. there is you.
It’s been a long time,
Yet I still feel like I’m swimming hard for the shore and at the same time the tide is pulling me out.
That drive forward and that pull back.
It’s not that I want to get away from you
I never did.
Perhaps that’s the problem…
I sometimes think my only choice now is to sink.
Get under the currents
Go down under the surface
Let all that water fill my lungs.
Perhaps then,
When I sink so deep and my feet touch the sandy bottom
I will be able to walk away.


© E Holland



2 thoughts on “Connection

  1. Naomi Davine says:

    I think the sinking down, under the waves, touching the earth is the only passageway for any soul to advance, whether it results in a walking away or a getting nearer, how and why should we know that yet? THinking about it prevents us from getting that real. I say sink if its your truth, in any matter!


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