Eyes as Big as Plates Collaborative

Karoline Hjorth, Photographer,  & Riitta Ikonen, Artists,  work together on an ongoing collaboration called Eyes as Big as Plate. Their works reference fairy tales and myth as well as incorporating the subjects own stories and relationships with imagination  and folklore.

“This blending of figure and ground recalls the way in which folk narratives animate the natural world through a personification of nature. The slippage of elderly figures into the landscapes suggests a return to the earth, a celebration of lives lived, reinforcing the link between humanity and the natural world.”

What speaks to me is that our relationship with the magical, mythic, with nature and imagination is ageless. That we are inherently archetypal. The photographs capture the spirit and the otherworldliness within the subjects but also in us as well look at and experience the image.

There is not a stage in life where we are not connected with nature and with the collective symbols that travel through time and across cultures.


You can find out more via the link below. The work and the arts have had numerous global exhibitions and continue to build their collection.