The Bound Heart Snippet


Sexy snippet: from The Bound Heart.

 This is from the beginning of The Bound Heart. The story of Jamie Edwards a bookbinder and shibari rope master and Miss Olive Thompson  a seamstress. It’s Jamie’s last week at the bookbinding studio and he makes sure he has a taste to remember Olive by before he leaves.
Available for pre-order now and released 26th January 2016


Jamie pulled the pins from her hair and threaded his fingers through the long, cool strands. His fist closed around them just as he had imagined; and gently, he tugged her head back.
Her mouth opened more with the angle.
He pushed his tongue in deeper.
The sound she made was not the sound he expected. It wasn’t a whimper; it was a groaning open. She was opening under him, her chest and throat relaxing for him.
His cock jumped in his britches. It wanted to be right where his tongue was.
Where was his damn control now? It was leaving in long sure strides with each ragged breath, each wonderful press of her soft, warm flesh against him.






Available  1st December 2015 for pre-order / 26th January 2016 Release