Snippet: The Bound Heart

Sensual Snippet

This is in the beginning half of THE BOUND HEART….

Olive has gone to Jamie and their first sexual encounter is just starting.


London 1898

The corset was loose; Olive clutched it uselessly against her breasts. Every part of her rushing to what he promised and yet instinct still had her covering herself.

His head tilted to the side but her hands wouldn’t let go.

He reached out, gave the garment a gentle tug from under her tense fingers, and drew it away. His eyes burned brighter. Yet there was a softness in his face, just a little as he picked up the rope.


Her eyes looked over at the door. Then back to him and the rope. If she left they would never see each other again. If she stayed she knew right now, he would ruin her for any other man. Once they did what they were about to do she would hunger for something that only he could fill, a man who didn’t do love, didn’t do sleep overs or soft sex.

A man who would eventually move on.




THE BOUND HEART pre-order 1st Dec 2015 &  Release 26th January 2016

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Feature image Dascha Freidlova

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