AUSSIE MONTH with Elsa Holland

Talking with Jaimee at AusRom today about The Bound Heart



AUSSIE MONTH with Elsa Holland

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Tell us about The Bound Heart:
The Bound Heart is out today!

It’s about Jamie Edwards, a bookbinder into shibari bondage and Miss. Olive Thompson, the woman who effortlessly unravels him. The book has generalist themes of erotic art, Japonism, and shibari rope work.

It has a bit of of a Cinderella story with Olive stepping out of her working class world and making a place in the world of London’s Japanese expat culture and art embroidery.

At a deep level it is about how we can be bound by the pains of the past and the importance of following your inner guidance to find your place in life.


What inspired this novel?
It was at a writers’ retreat, it was late…. very late and there may have been quite a few empty bottles of wine on the…

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