Elsa Holland

Historical Romance Writer: LUSH SENSUAL READS

The myth, the archetypal is the invisible baton that gets passed along especially when we read/hear a story, watch a movie, experience imagery that strikes a deep chord within us.

You can feel when it is present because something powerful happens to you under the surface a communion with the imagery that can trigger insights, emotions, thoughts. Costume/fashion artist Agnieszka Osipa, creates imagery that has stepped out of the mythical, out of Slavic and Nordic folklore.

She generally doesn’t say what she has created but leaves it up to the viewer to place meaning on the images. She started working with photographers like: Marcin Nagraba  & A.M Lorek as a way to get her work out into the world but now feels that working towards photoshoots is also an end in itself.

Her work has been in music videos, exhibitions and is sought after in niche Fetish communities.

I have pulled together some images from a somewhat darker series that remind me of the world of The Collectors.

Agnieszka Osipa




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