Snippet from The Fur Heart

The Fur Heart is the 4th book in The Velvet Basement Series. The series can be read in any order. The Fur Heart is the story of Miss Phillippa Bancroft and Prince Alexi Ulyanov and their journey to claim and tame the beast within.

London, 1898. At a salon gathering of artists, poets, writers and philosophers along with the nobility that support them.

Phillippa glared across the salon at Prince Ulyanov. The gold epaulets on his military uniform caught the lamp light as he leaned against the sideboard, a glass of burgundy in hand as if he wasn’t depraved. As if she hadn’t been an unwitting and unwilling witness to his depraved acts. He should be slinking away at the sight of her not staring at her all night as if she were complicit in that act. As if she were stretched out on the buffet table available for consumption like the succulent venison they had all gobbled up at dinner.

Phillippa stood and excused herself from the surrounding discussion. In long, confident strides she walked towards him, the arrogant easterner who didn’t even look alarmed at her imminent confrontation. Well, he should be. He liked to feel the sting of pain . . . then she was going to show him her bite.