Snippet from THE FUR HEART

The Fur Heart is the 4th book in The Velvet Basement Series. The series can be read in any order. The Fur Heart is the story of Miss Phillippa Bancroft and Prince Alexi Ulyanov and their journey to claim and tame the beast within.

London, 1898. Following on from last week we are at a salon gathering of artists, poets, writers and philosophers along with the nobility that support them.

The Count’s hand came around her waist pivoting her around and next minute they were behind the bay window curtain and in the small space between it and the window bench.
His hand came immediately over her mouth. “Shhh,’ he whispered, “no-one will hear us if you keep your voice down.”
“How dare y..” His palm came over her mouth again and pressed against it silencing her.
He waited. Phillippa scowled, even as her skin started to prickle with warm awareness.
“If you make a noise, I may be forced to marry you and that might be unbearable.” His nose was pressed against her hair as he muttered in her ear. “For me . . .”
She growled under his palm.
“Oh sweetheart be very careful who you growl at.” He nuzzled her hair again. “It could be read as a lover crooning for her mate.”
She nipped his palm.
“Now that’s definitely a lovers act.” He hushed into her ear then nipped the top of it with his teeth. She muffled a yelp.
He drew his face back. Black eyes in a pale face, inky thick hair falling over his shoulders like some kind of libertine from Versailles.
She lifted his hand off her mouth.
“People would have seen us enter.” She hissed under her breath.
The corners of those all seeing eyes creased.
“Best we make it brief” and then his lips were pressed against hers.