Elsa Holland

Historical Romance Writer: LUSH SENSUAL READS


The Painted Sisters is an Erotic Thriller Romance Series set in Victorian Great Britain with dark gothic undertones. It follows a group of Painted Sisters, women who have been beautifully and extensively tattooed and sold as living art in the world of The Collectors. The Painted Sisters have been forced to flee for their lives.

Although usually revered and coveted amongst The Collectors, an outlawed sect within the rank of The Collectors has resurrected, a sect who values The Painted Sisters’s beautifully tattooed skin,  more  than the woman who wears it. A Skinner is cultivated, a fledgling killer trained to hunt The Painted Sisters down, flay them and return the skins to the waiting renegade Collectors.

The Painted Sisters Series is a 4 (maybe 5) book series. Each book deals with one of the sisters and their journey to escape their disenchanted Collector, to survive the Skinner, and in the process find love.

Edith and the Forensic Surgeon 

Available late 2017
Targeting Nov / Dec


We meet Edith Andrews in The Painted Heart, Book 3 of The Velvet Basement Series. In that book Edith narrowly escapes being the Skinners first victim. Instead of taking the course to possible safety and freedom, Painted Trust starts as Edith presents herself as a theatre Nurse under the name of Edith Applebury into the Edinburgh household of surgeon extraordinaire, Dr. Anthony Vaughn. A dangerous move as Edinburgh is the  city where she resided as the Painted Sister to the wealthy and dangerously influential Dr Cox.

Edith’s goals are twofold, return to Edinburgh, a place where her disgruntled Collector resides, and see if she can get an insight into who the members of the secret sect are. And secondly to forge the medical certificates that Dr Vaughn holds from a university known to train women in medicine. Once she has the information she needs on the sec, information that could help stop the sect before they reach her other sisters on the run, she intends to use her forged medical degree to take up a missionary post in an African hospital, far, far away from The collectors and any retribution from her cruel Collector.

But nothing goes as soothly as we plan. She hadn’t counted on admiring Vaughn, hadn’t expected falling for him, and certainly hadn’t expected Cox to find out she was in Edinburgh.

Read Chapter 1 here.


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