A delicious second snippet from the upcoming Duet – Pirates of Pleasure

I have so enjoyed writing these two connected stories. Here is a taste from Book 1 following on from last week.

Meaks stepped forward and reached for her. The little spit fire swiped away his hands, growling and giving him a good kick; the crew laughed. And damn it if she didn’t look over to the rail again. Meaks once more reached out and she dodged his grasp, stepped back then sank into a fighter’s pose.

Of course the goading from the crew started as Meaks circled her to find an in.

Do you think you can take her Meaks or is she too much for you?  

Step aside and let a real man have a go Meaks.

That growl something you’re scared of Meaks like the dark?

Jax held up his hand, Meaks stepped back, the crew stilled.

The Bounty straightened, shook out her limbs.

“You next?” she challenged.

And just like that he started to go hard. Her voice. The accent…unplaceable, the pitch, the lilt. If he was a decent man he’d want her to read a book out loud, recite the alphabet just so he could listen to it. But he wan’t, he wanted that voice to croon, to call out in need, to mutter a string of obscenities he intended to teach her if she was even passable under that face covering.