I thought I’d give you a sexy teaser this week for our snippet of HIS BOUNTY Book 1 in the PIRATES of PLEASURE Duet. This comes from the start of the book where our feisty minx of a heroine is in the captain’s cabin and about to find out what kind of reckoning Captain Jax has in mind for her.

The silence after her tirade, after the last article of her clothing had been removed, crackled. His all too handsome face made her skin burn and her sex throb. Her nipples hardened, her breasts ached, and she could feel all of her body at once…humming, vibrating.

And she wasn’t alone.

He had stilled, his eyes eating the sight of her left a burning trail over her exposed skin. The length of him pressed long and thick against his trousers, she knew exactly what that would feel like…

His hands were white as they gripped the edge of the desk making her heart suddenly lurch in her chest at the thought of what he held himself back from doing.

Every second, the intensity between them mounted. Her body sunk deeper and deeper into unbidden want, into a heat of desire that called…that begged for her to pound out that she was alive in the most fundamental of ways…with him.