Sunday #SexySnippets

#SexySnippets 3rd August 2014

Every Sunday, a group of us sign up at the Nuthouse Scribblers blog and post a sexy snippet: 7 sentences from a work in progress. Here’s mine for the week from Lily and the Mechanic.

His arm snaked around her waist and slid her down the carriage seat. It should have been an elegant slide of acquiescence but the top of the bench hit her bonnet and tilted it forward over her face. Damn, she went to right it then froze. His hand was under her skirt, a large, warm presence that made her heart beat fast. All thought stopped as it slowly traveled up over her stockings. Her skin was suddenly hot and her skirts were oddly heavy bunched up over her waist.  She’d expected to be able to do this with reserve, at a distance but there was a combustible force that was traveling up her thighs with each glide of his fingers and squeeze of his palm; it threatened to throw  her  into mindless oblivion.

© Elsa Holland


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