Sunday #SexySnippets

#SexySnippets 10th August 2014

Every Sunday, a group of us sign up at the Nuthouse Scribblers blog and post a sexy snippet: 7 sentences from a work in progress. Here’s mine for the week from Lily and the Mechanic.


“My driver tells me you need transport in exchange for fixing the wheel.” Her heart was pounding hard against her corset.

Blue eyes laughed, and the sound was thick like a viscous port. It slid down her insides rich and heavy, bursting with the sweetness of caramelized raisins.

She smoothed down her skirt and made herself keep eye contact as large hands held both sides of the carriage door frame and he stepped inside. His weight dipped her and the cabin slightly towards him before he sat across from her and closed the door. Oh, he was a feast, there was no doubt about that; and if she was honest, she was a  woman starving, a woman who hadn’t eaten in years, centuries.



© Elsa Holland