The role of Beauty

Thomas Dodd is a photographic artist and his current collection is called All Bodies Are Beautiful.

I was attracted to his work a couple of years ago. He expresses the feminine so powerfully and uses mythic and symbolic imagery. I like that. I tend to see the world through those kind of lenses so I get excited when I find artists who do too. It also gravitates towards nature rather than say more urban landscapes which is also something that I’m attracted to. I can’t say I recognize aspects of myself in the work which is usually a big part of what attracts us to things. It is the sheer beauty of it that I love.

You know beauty is greatly underrated. It often gets written off as a shallow surface thing and not something highbrow enough to aim for. But beauty has a powerful ability to shift consciousness. It is visual for sure but it is also a beingness, the beauty of the human spirit, of a life in all its humanity, it’s the thing that makes you cry when someone has achieved their goal or failed it. Beauty subtly shifts something in your chest when you are in the presence of it. – it tames the beast I guess.

Anyway I feel Thomas Dodd adds to this lineage, that’s why I’m sharing him with you.


He currently has a video see link below. And also here is a link to his website and gallery:

For those of you who are photographers he has workshops and webinars on his techniques. If you are more of a camera luddite like me, he will often have a promotion where you can send him your photo and he will make a unique piece for you.