Daniel Lefort



I have a love of art where we can feel the humanity of the artist, their expression of self in the world around them, their spirit. I feel that Daniel’s work has those qualities. Each piece draws me in and shows me clues to a dialog, almost like I am a voyeur in his inner landscape. For me, his work dances between the logical, digital expression of words and concrete thoughts and the analogical of feelings and currents moving underneath the surface. As the viewer I have a puzzle of pieces that tug at the mind and the heart simultaneously to solve it.

As I sink into a piece and start drawing out a story, it is almost more a reflection of me in a way. What I see and what I think it means. I could ask Dan and find out what he was expressing was something quite different but I know that he would think my journey with his art equally valid.

I think once a piece of art is created and set into the world, much like a child steps into the world, the art starts to create a life of its own. A relationship with their viewer that can be quite unique from the one it has with the artist who created it.

Art Failure

This piece intrigued my hungry romance writer’s mind. Even now my eyes rove over it looking for clues, did he leave? Was there someone else? Was it for money … a job? Are we at the cross roads right now deciding to turn that corner, to take that path or not?

I have nothing to say, I have nothing to say is a heart beat all over the background, it tells us so much actually needs to be said. It reminds me of being in that moment, at the irreversible cross road of the heart….

WOW… That’s just one!! Each has a journey you sink into.

Here is a sample for Daniel’s latest 2 Collage series

 Art Beats

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Elsa: What is Art Beats about?

Dan: Art Beats is where art imitates life and is seen as a direct extension of bodily functions and diverse human feelings, an essential component/organ of our existence, hence the analogy between Art and Heart.

Elsa: How about Dan around the world ?

Dan: Dan around the World, are pictures that I have taken on some of my trips which are integrated in a mix media collage. Together they form  association of random words and sentences juxtaposed together in meaning to create & represent capsules of my traveler’s imagination

Elsa: What are some of your favorite materials:

Dan: My favorite media is varied at the moment: brown paper, newspaper, pages of books, prints of all kinds, written words found on the street, torn posters + my own pics + acrylics, gold leaf, varnish, sprays, inks, glue


 Dan around the World

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You can find Dan’s earlier work Variations + Portraits, here: http://www.neoimages.net/artistportfolio.aspx?pid=1582

He is also on Instagram at danlefrt

Art by Dan ( exhibition introduction)

Daniel Lefort’s eclectic works of paper and acrylic tones come together with the sleekness of a blade, the wisp of a brush and sometimes even the crackling of Styrofoam! His technique of layering color and textile gives a unique depth to his pieces. Originally from France, Lefort now resides in Quebec, where he has spent the last twenty years cultivating his unique brand of talent. His premier collection depicting abstract and figurative themes on post cards later became available for purchase. This series of invented portraits integrates vibrant colors, cut-outs, script and sporadic bits of green. A summon to create led this self-inspired artist to discover and delve into new forms. An artist of varied genre, Lefort uses, in a parallel fashion, two styles. His abstract pieces integrate both paper and script under a display of detailed color. Sensitive to the creative approach of de Stael, Rothko, and Féron, Daniel Lefort’s paintings are full abstraction in naïve figuration. Their contours reinforce this impression. However, his forte doesn’t stop there. It pursues intricate simplicity found within the processing of the patterns.