Uldus Bakhtiozina’s photos of Russian fairy tales.

Uldus Bakhtiozina

Below is a gallery of photos focused on Russian fairy tales that Uldus is compiling for a book. Each image is layered with symbols and meaning much like her ironic earlier projects.  In an article by Katie Baker, Bakhtiozina says, “All fairy tales were horror stories originally, with a love of the night, shamanism, meat, skulls, furs and gold.”

The elements which speak to me in her work are the elements of mythic, shamanistic, symbolism. That connection to the mythic and nature is something that plucks a string and sends a hum, a deep resonance through me. Reminds me of the roots we have all come from. The stories by the fire, the stories of childhood where we imagined and belived that it was all very real.

For the longest time as a child I wanted to be an elf or an old witch who lived in a cottage in the forest as potential career paths. It’s hard to say when the veil of that being a real possibility got lifted to reveal a world that did not contain those career options LOL. I know I was very upset and all the remaining options felt lack lustre…. I don’t think I am alone in that hankering for the magical…

Images like these from Uldus make that place inside me open its eyes again. Just ‘hanging out’ with the images immerses me in that ‘otherworldliness.’ Naturally it sends me back to that young girl who was determined to have a magical life as an elf or a witch.


Here is is from Uldus Bakhtiozina’s website: http://uldus.com/ 



Every shot I take is influenced by something, and each photo tells a story. I reference things that are special to me. Whether it is an old film, a song, a painting, or a poem. It’s all about telling a story. I am constantly inspired and my way of expressing this is by taking photos, it’s my way of sharing my experiences. There are way too many bland, cold, boring fashion and lifestyle photos out there. My photos try to express something deeper then today’s average trendy photo formula. I make it a point to get away from that. I want to be learning something or feeling something when I’m looking at a photo – so I try to create the same experience with my photography. With my art. With my Life! I am deeply inspired with Pre-Raphaelites , poetry of XIX Century, with paganism and Russ Land fairy tales, at the same time i am very passionate about modernity, media, i love super heroes, especially Iron Man, i love German language and colored hairs on girls. So, all these little and big things come to me and get to you from me through my art photography! Generally my statement isto be free and flow with emotions. I am gaining to bring beauty and positive emotions to people! I live for that! STAY HIGH!