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The Weekend Writing Warriors share  8 sentences over the weekend ( a little licence taken on that limit today). Here are mine from the start of a historical novel set in Victorian London called THE BOUND HEART.

Mr. James Edwards, the Bond Street Bookshop’s bookbinder and The Velvet Basement’s source of shibari photographic plates has avoided Miss Olive Thompson for a long time. Her Friday deliveries of string, threads and yarn were a exercise of constant vigilance. Of constant denial. And of constant longing… Today’s snippet is from the opening scene of the book.


London 1898

“Don’t you like me?”
His face softened at her ridiculous question. “Oh I do Olive, very much.” He gentled his voice and leaned closer so the world became just them, their warmth, their breath. “But I don’t do soft and sweet. What I want, what I need Olive is like a shadow over the sun. Step back and leave this rain cloud well alone.” He knew as he said the words he meant it. He would step right back at a single sign.
She looked at him, processing, her head tilted. “I’m the sun?”
He nodded and pleasure broke over her face before she dropped her gaze and moved up against him. Heat slammed into his body and every muscle tightened with an unexpected need. Tentative fingers touched his waist coat, then fiddled with the small black buttons. Her body was so small next to his; it was an act of pure will not to wrap her up against him, to just take what he wanted, what she was clearly and far to innocently offering him. But she really didn’t have a clue.
“Men have hurt me before Mr. Edwards and I have healed. I will not be beaten but I’m stronger than you might think.”
His hand tightened around hers and his jaw tensed up, he would find out their names, all of them, London was a very small place.

  © Elsa Holland

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