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The Weekend Writing Warriors share  8 sentences over the weekend ( a little licence taken on that limit today). Here are mine from the start of a historical novel set in Victorian London called THE BOUND HEART.

Mr. James Edwards, the Bond Street Bookshop’s bookbinder and The Velvet Basement’s source of shibari photographic plates has avoided Miss Olive Thompson for a long time. Her Friday deliveries of string, threads and yarn were a exercise of constant vigilance. Of constant denial. And of constant longing… Today’s snippet is from the opening scene of the book.


London 1898

The body it had a reaction and speed all of its own, it was a foolish person who thought themselves in control. Control was possible only because the dam of emotions, of physical responses were a manageable or knowable flow. But there were encounters, people who somehow opened a reserve, a flood gate that washed all that control away.

The fabric of her skirt and petticoats were soft on his fingers, not from how fine the fabric was but from how often they had been washed. His palms sweated and to his amazement his fingers shook.

Olive was possibly that trigger person for him.

He had never been on the other side of his control, had never wanted to. A man with dark tastes knew that self management was paramount.





Photographer: Anna Lucylle Taschini Model: Ilaria Sea of Sin Makeup: Sabrina Alberio Shibari & vintage kimono: Andrea Ropes
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