THE VEILED HEART: Sexy snippet


This at the beginning of  THE VEILED HEART, it’s the morning after Miriam ( nicknamed Lily) and the hero have had their first ‘encounter’….

It’s a historical novel set in London 1898.  Due out 14th July 2015


“Argh!” Miriam flopped her face back into the pillow.

The moments passed. Soft sounds, the rustle of Mary’s skirts as she moved, water poured into a bowl, the pitcher placed on the dresser.

She wasn’t going to lift her head from the bedding for the rest of the day. No, she wanted to slip back into the cocoon of half sleep and dream, hold onto the delicious traces of pleasure lingering in her body. 

And they were delicious. Small aches and a new awareness as the different parts of her told a tale of his touch, their need as they’d come together; the aftermath of muscles that had arched and strained, had contracted and relaxed.

One breath after another caught in the soft downy linen under her mouth. The skin around her lips warmed with each breath, just as it had as she’d panted into his jacket.

She’d clutched him so close, pressed her face into the rough fabric heating it with each gasp as he moved in her, knocking them into the back of the bench with each thrust.

Her teeth bit into the pillowcase; she wanted to do it all again.