The Painted Heart: Snippet

Here is a Snippet from the Painted Heart towards the beginning of the book. They have gone on their first outing together to see if they can ‘rub along.’ It has not gone well.. however it has clarified combustible attraction despite Miss James dislike of the the cold self made Mr Blackburn.

London 1898

Blackburn’s jaw tightened. He ran a hand over his face and hair as he stood there in the dimly lit landing. His heart still pounded and the taste of her coated his tongue in something far more delicious than those damn caramels.  His body hummed from the chase through The Velvet Basement. It hummed with the residue of predatory elation on catching her, on pinning her to him. Every muscle in his body was wound and waiting for a release that wasn’t happening anytime soon.

Certainly not with the help of the surprisingly passionate Miss James.

The clang of the cracked bell at the bookshop’s door heralded her exit.

Blackburn straightened his clothes, moved out into the bookshop after her, watched as she marched outside into the flow of pedestrians, past the front window, skirts swishing and elbows swinging.

An odd sensation sat with him, something he couldn’t quite pinpoint that tugged strangely on the inside.