Snippet from The Painted Heart


Here is a Snippet from the Painted Heart towards the beginning of the book. It is at the end of their first outing which was part of last weeks snippet here.

London 1898

Her heart pounded. Blackburn looked down at his clothes. Her eyes followed and pressed against his trousers the hard, long length of him was clearly visible.

Her breath stuttered. Froze.

Elspeth spun around.

She burst out the door and the balding Mr. Howard gasped as she rushed past and headed straight for the front entrance.

That blasted bell clanged as she threw the door open and took off down the street in solid strides.

Her lips burned and her whole body was alight. Her breasts were sensitive and tight against her bodice. Her petticoats as they moved over her legs were a thousand hands.

She ached.

That tongue… that tongue had the taste of caramel still, traces speared her mouth in a way that felt so immensely carnal as if it had plundered her maidenhood as it took every secret she thought she had.

And there certainly would be no thoughts of the shape in his trousers. In fact, there would be no reason to think of it ever again.