Quick Update on upcoming Release


The Painted Heart is getting another postponement I am sorry to say.

I was planning to release later this month but it looks like that is more likely March 2017.


As consolation I am about 65-70% through Painted Trust which follows on from Painted Heart in the world of The Painted Sisters. It is part of a 4 book Historical Erotic Thriller series. If my rather hectic life permits I should have that out within a reasonable time after The Painted Heart releases.

My cover designer Hang Le is busy working on some wonderful branding for the new series which I hope to share with you shortly. Below is a peek, we are still fine tuning so still largely under wraps.

I also have plans for 3 more books in The Velvet Basement series. Be warned they are getting a bit darker. I have started the 4th book in the series, it is called The Fur Heart, (a Little Red Riding Hood theme). This series is really allowing me to explore the beauty of our dark secret selves and how that is often a symbol or metaphor of something more common in life or society. The Veiled Heart had neo-feminist themes,  The Bound Heart held ideas of how we are constrained on the inside by our past, the role of art, the courage needed to live your passions. The Painted Heart again deals with neo Feminist themes around ownership, self-sacrifice and how freedom often is found outside of convention.

The other books in the series book 5: The Caged Heart (a Bluebeard theme) and book 6: The Silent Heart ( A Little Mermaid Theme). Again Hang Le has designed some gorgeous covers… below a sneak peek at The Fur Heart.

gulp 4-5 years of writing feels faint