Snippet: Painted Trust

This snippet is part of the Weekend Writing Warriors 8 sentence snippet that is shared by a group of amazing writers every Sunday. I hope you enjoy it and click the link HERE to find other writers. This is the beginning of Painted Trust, a Historical Thriller Romance due for release 27th Feb 2018.

The heroine sees the hero for the first time. Edith has just entered the hero’s home for the first time, as a patient wails in the background from the surgery at the back of the house. She’s late and they want her to get started straight away.


The howls increased in volume taking up residence through the house as if the wild winds had slipped under the front door and joined them.

Double doors at the far right flung open hitting the walls on either side. Clap. Clap.

Edith jumped.

The two burst of syncopated thunder, echoed through the air as a stallion of a man strode into the foyer.

Cowardice legs took an involuntary step backwards .

That couldn’t be him.




The Painted Sisters Series Book 1