Delicious Snippet….Captain Jax

This is from the start of the book as Captian Jax is ensuring his crew knows who our heroine, Blue, belongs to.

Next minute Blue’s world tipped. Her new captor, a tall, tanned, and annoyingly good swimmer, picked her up and flung her over his shoulder. She growled and began her onslaught to have him put her down.

She’d been so close. Her knee thumped against his chest and he tightened his hold. The bounty hunter had found her standing on the country lane in the Lake District.  

“Any man dispute my claim?” The captain’s growl rumbled against her legs which were held hard against his chest. His shoulder dug into her belly and pressed in with every step as he stalked around, sticking his face up close to the men gathered around them.  

“Anyone?” The captain shout-growled and damn it if there wasn’t an unwanted ripple of pleasure at the possession. It had been so long since she’d felt that kind of a ripple.

The captain turned and in moments he bounded down stairs taking them below deck.

“Hey.” That shoulder bumped and bumped into her stomach and she gave his back a thump. “Hey! Put me down.”

He was impervious and continued to take long strides down the hallway, door opening. Then her world tipped back upright, and the blood rushed out of her head as her feet touched the floor.


“I thought we’d already met.” Came his tight reply. “I believe you climbed all over me at the time and wouldn’t let me go.”

“I was drowning.” she growled back.

“Excuses, excuses.”

Double bastard, she bolted for the door.

“Woe.” His arm wrapped around her. And blast it, heat washed unexpectedly across her chest as he drew her back against him, holding her close. Her heart gave exaggerated beats as he leaned them as one to close and lock the door. The air got caught in her throat. He was muscle, strength that encased her from behind and the side as he kept her wrapped against his chest. The feeling of being held like that triggered a longing so deep, so long pushed aside, her eyes almost welled up. Where the hell did that come from? She swatted at him.

“It’s not safe up there.” He hushed near her ear. “Trust me, you are safer down here. Take some time. Take stock.” The sound of his voice lulled her. The heat from his body amazingly comforting against her damp clothes.