Delicious Snippet from His Bounty

My next release is not too far away… an anthology with this fabulous Pirate Novella, part of a delectable duet Pirates of Pleasure. Both books will be released this year and I know you will love that as much as I do.

This is take from His Bounty the first book in the Duet, close to the beginning. Captain Jax has foiled yet another attempted escape from his bounty, the enigmatic and ethereal heroine, called Blue.

“I’ll sweeten the pot,” said her new captor, the pirate they called Captain Jax, the one who made her brain go annoyingly foggy.  He picked out a small bottle from within a draw, unscrewed the top and brought it to his nose. “Ahh, the scents of England, lilies and roses.”

Blue rolled her eyes. No one did baths like the Japanese and the Japanese did scents with the kind of subtlety you couldn’t get from a bottle in a drawer owned by a pirate.

He put a few drops of the essence in the water. Immediately the room smelled like the garden she’d been so close to walking through. Her eyes welled up taking all her will not to have a single tear spill down her cheeks. Bastard.

There would be no tears, no tears of frustration and want, for the soul deep ache at having failed to get home. By the time she escaped, got back to England and the Lake District, her mother would most likely have died and her sister may well be in the clutches of any number of organizations that took in orphans, organizations ripe with corruption of the darkest kind.