The Bound Heart



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“Have you been bound before?” His breath ran warm over her shoulder.

She shook her head no, there was no trusting her voice. It was taking all her effort to make sure her legs didn’t buckle.

There was anticipation in his face, dark and tight as he stepped around in front of her. The air between them stretched, a taught feeling that was pulling them inevitably together. It made him sharper like he could feel everything that was twisting under the surface, the fear, the excitement. She couldn’t let those currents beat her, not if she wanted him. She stood up taller, lifted her head.

It made the corner of his mouth lift. He was so many steps ahead of her.

The corset was loose, she was clutching it uselessly against her breasts. Every part of her was rushing to what he promised and yet instinct still had her covering herself. His head tilted to the side but her hands wouldn’t let go.

He reached out and gave the garment a gentle tug from under her tense fingers and drew it away. His eyes burned brighter. Yet there was a softness in his face, just a little as he picked up the rope.

“Come on sweetheart, let’s play.”

©E. Holland