Weekend Writing Warriors #8sentences



The Weekend Writing Warriors share 8 sentences over the weekend. Here are mine from the start of  Lily & the Mechanic a historical novella set in Victorian London.  

Last week Lily entered the Bond Street Bookshop and arranged to enter the illicit shop underneath.


London 1898


She took a crisp, white scented handkerchief from her coat and held it firmly to her nose as she descended the stairs. Lily of the Valley flooded her senses as her eyes took in the few cloaked men who turned away as she stepped into the room.

The tables were full of boxes containing postcards of plump derrieres, breasts of all sizes and shapes, and their owners in every situation imaginable to the erotic and lurid mind. Shelves and cabinets warrened the space laden with all manner of objects, belts, buckles, batons and whips. Large wood and stone members sanded down into a gleaming and insertable shine had pride of place and filled a glass cabinet in the center of the room. But none of this interested her as she walked across the space to the counter at the other side.

Establishments such as this were not so very new to her, she’d picketed in front of many of them throughout the city. But tonight’s purpose was new. Being pragmatic as well as a realist, if she couldn’t close them down, she would use them to her advantage.

© Elsa Holland

Image © Dascha Friedlova

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